Examining The Science of Preventing Aging


Examining The Science of Preventing Aging While there are many different theories about aging and preventing aging, scientists are especially looking closely at one thing: the importance of a nutrient found in milk. First, let’s think about this: One of the major impacts that can fend off the physiological signs of aging involves cutting down calories, studies show. That has been pr...

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As the U.S. struggles with an opioid epidemic, government officials, doctors and patients are confronting drugs too heavily used and sometimes too often prescribed. Everyone is searching for opioid alternatives for patients, many of whom are coping with intense pain. An estimated 91 million people were prescribed opiate painkillers in this country, and 2 million people suffer from substance abu...

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A major engine that drives our red blood cells is having an adequate amount of iron yet many people throughout the world do not have enough. The major symptoms caused by iron deficiency in the blood cause a host of problems, ranging from irritability, fatigue, and muscle weakness, and lowered immunity to poor concentration. That is certainly a mouthful of issues, and points to the importance...

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One of the most important things you should consider when are taking medications, herbs or just about anything is how they interact with each other, and whether they can have complications that can harm you. The danger is that with different types of medications even regular doses may become an overdose, depending on the interaction. It’s important that everyone learns about their medicati...

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