Amid the Opioid Crisis: Heroin


In the midst of the opioid prescription epidemic among patients using prescription drugs in the U.S. in recent years, there has been rising concerns about one opioid that is never prescribed and illegal, but has been a constant concern for generations. That’s heroin. According to the  in 2016 about 948,000 Americans reported using heroin within that past year, which officials said represe...

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Take a stroll in the autumn, and see plants outside, along a trail, in the woods, perhaps near streams. While most are wonderful, even beautiful with their flowering and rainbow of colors, some should not be touched, or definitely not to be eaten, or even have skin contact. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of poisonous plants.  There are common native plants that cause allergic reactio...

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After you eat, you may feel over the next few days with abdominal cramps, a fever, headache, and just feeling lousy. That could be a sign you have food poisoning, also known as salmonella. No, it is not named for the fish. Salmonella, a group of bacteria, is the most common cause of foodborne illness, and was named for a doctor named Salmon who discovered it more than 100 years ago. The illness...

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As naturopathic doctors see it, when they are looking for the root causes of diseases and illnesses, it’s like they are “looking under the hood” of a car, instead of just examining and reacting to the symptoms of what’s wrong. They are delving into the engine, into the mechanics, of what’s happening – in effect, the heart of the matter, involving the body. Naturopathic doctors are t...

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on companies having kratom-linked products after determining people using the plant-based supplement are at risk of salmonella infections. Following a months-long investigation, the FDA said it identified “extremely high rates of salmonella contamination in kratom products collected and tested, leading to multiple recalls.” FDA Commi...

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