Feeling Lousy? Could be Food Poisoning


Food Poisoning After you eat, you may feel over the next few days with abdominal cramps, a fever, headache, and just feeling lousy. That could be a sign you have food poisoning, also known as salmonella. No, it is not named for the fish. Salmonella, a group of bacteria, is the most common cause of foodborne illness, and was named for a doctor named Salmon who discovered it more than 1...

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In millions of households, restaurants and other locations across the United States, food is discarded, lost or wasted. Elsewhere in the country, about one in eight people struggle with hunger and simply want something to eat, even though the world is producing enough food. The dichotomy is great.  states that more than one third of the food produced in the U.S. is unconsumed – an “unac...

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When you’re stressed or feeling down, do you reach for a pint of ice cream or a bag of chips to soothe you? You’re not the only one; emotional eating is a common coping mechanism. It is important to choose healthy mood foods. There’s biology behind why we gravitate to foods high in fat and sugar when emotionally upset: The brain’s reward and pleasure systems are activated. It’s the sa...

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When you think of a healthy lifestyle, what you eat and how you maintain your body are extremely important. But that is only the beginning. A healthy lifestyle is more than that. Do you have too much stress? Do you feel lonely? Are you fulfilled? Do you smoke? Overcoming some of these life-stalling obstacles can extend your life for many years, studies show. Making changes in diet, exercise and ma...

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