Examining The Science of Preventing Aging


Examining The Science of Preventing Aging While there are many different theories about aging and preventing aging, scientists are especially looking closely at one thing: the importance of a nutrient found in milk. First, let’s think about this: One of the major impacts that can fend off the physiological signs of aging involves cutting down calories, studies show. That has been pr...

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Barring any fatal mishaps, it is a given that we will all get old. Unfortunately, aging is often seen through the lens of derision because of what we think will befall us as we age. However, we are living in one of the greatest moments of time when aging does not need to be equated with becoming weak and feeble. We may slow down the aging process naturally. At our disposal, is extensive researc...

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Millions of people are sidelined by the pain and discomfort, and talk only quietly about one of the most frequent human infections: urinary tract infections. Some studies say urinary tract infections (UTI) affects a wide range of women from 10 percent to 50 percent, and accounts for more than 10 billion doctor visits a year. Women are impacted more than men – as many as 30 times more likely -...

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Panax notoginseng is not only for older people! Start taking Panax notoginseng when you are young to avoid disease in the future. We need to prevent geriatric disease starting in middle age. The basis of cardiovascular disease is atherosclerosis; research has proven that usually atherosclerosis starts in one’s forties and accelerates between forty and fifty- years-old, then in the sixties its...

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